Training review

Training in household-related services:

Module 1: Environmental protection and waste avoidance

At the end of May, 13 participants completed the first module on environmental protection and waste avoidance of the BIWAQ V training course "Household-related services".

Over four mornings, Ilka Fiebig from the GOA gave vivid presentations on the topics of waste separation and disposal, illegal waste, environmental pollution, waste avoidance and consumer behavior. The participants collected litter on an excursion and at the end were given practical tips on how to avoid waste and save money at the same time.

The course was accompanied by a German course given by Vera Holzwarth from the VHS on Wednesdays in the Unipark.

All participants were fully committed to the project, and each and every one of them took home new knowledge and good intentions at the end.

The program continues in June with module 2 on cleaning and in July with module 3 on nutrition, both on Monday mornings. In both modules, the specialist vocabulary is again reinforced by an accompanying German course run by Vera Holzwarth, which always takes place on Wednesday mornings at Unipark.


M. Manuwald


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